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Hello, my name is Joana Espinoza, I am from Portugal and I live in Reading, PA.

Photography came into my life in 2008, simply to explore my new camera, taking photographs of nature, family and friends.

All about photography seemed so incredible to me that in 2013 I decided to take the experience to another level and my life began to change.


Being able to dedicate myself to photography has been one of the greatest blessings that life could give me, not only did it help me improve myself emotionally and professionally, but it also allowed me to have the opportunity to meet many special people for whom I have a lot of love and gratitude.


What I want most is to be able to give the best of myself to others, make my models feel special, tell them how beautiful they are, so that they can see the best of themselves, and of course, take care of their memories as if they were my own.

Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between people and life.


My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.


The most beautiful part of being a photographer is receiving so much love and friendship every day from my clients, many of them I have known for years, who call me with excitement for their new photos, and also from new clients who come because someone shared their experience with me or saw my work and loved it. It's really incredible all the support they give me and that's what motivates me to constantly offer them a better experience.

Why Golden Light Photography?

 I began to dedicate myself to photography with natural light, and in search of the best lighting for my models I learned that the best time for sessions was in the afternoon when the light is softer. “The golden hour”, the “magic hour” is considered the perfect light to capture stunning photographs, the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise, hence the name Golden Light Photography, in honor of the beginning of my career.

As the years went by I began to study more about lighting and today I have a photography studio at Goggleworks Center for the Arts building, being able to offer more diversity of lighting.

I am in love with my profession and I love the challenge that photography brings to my life.

Being a photographer is a big responsibility but it is really beautiful and exciting.

 I have the best job in the world!

the espinoza family